Kathy Zant: Evaluating Plugins – Strategies to Effectively Extend WordPress

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Extending WordPress above and beyond the core functionality is part of what makes WordPress so powerful. However, the sheer number of plugins available can be overwhelming. A strategy for evaluating plugins makes both developing managing WordPress easier.
In this presentation, attendees will learn:
Strategies and tools for evaluating one plugin over another
– Key factors to consider
– Evaluation tools
Paid plugins versus free: do you get what you paid for?
Managing plugins and updates
Evaluating plugin security:
– How to research plugin security history
– Identify functionality that may be risky
Attendees will also receive a plugin evaluation checklist they can take home to help choose plugins that fit their project’s objectives.

Presentation slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10EXwg7ZMFZaOuHhlugSyhqhZfiUzFiRq/view?usp=sharing
WPTV link: https://wordpress.tv/2019/12/02/kathy-zant-evaluating-plugins-strategies-to-effectively-extend-wordpress-2/

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